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Learning from data. Part 372

Here’s an interesting image which shows a heat map of the mouse clicks in the last week on a page element on the Graphic Design: Now In Production page.

We are using a tool called Reinvigorate to generate these. And the data to help us figure out whether certain UI elements are working or not – before we do a wholesale redesign and rebuild.

Surprisingly we’re seeing a lot of interaction with the image gallery slideshow – far more than what we are seeing on a much more prominent video element on the same page.

What can we learn from this?
What should we change as a result of this data?

If anything, we are rolling out more analytics tools across our digital projects to help us better understand the behaviour of visitors.

And as we redesign our physical museum spaces we are looking at a number of different tools to help us do this in ‘meatspace‘ as well.

Might our future galleries as be as reconfigurable as our digital projects? Could we begin to treat our galleries as having this down specific UI elements?