'Discordances' – or the big to-do list

Yesterday Aaron rolled out a minor data update to the online collection. Along with this he also whipped up a ‘anti-concordances’ view for our people/company records. (Yes, for various reasons why are conflating people and companies/organisations). This allows us to show all the records we have that don’t have exact matches in Wikipedia (and other sources).

Along with revealing that we don’t yet have a good automated way of getting a ‘best guess’ of matches (Marimekko Oy is the same as Marimekko) without also getting matches for Canadian hockey players who happen to share a name with a designer, the list of ‘discordances’ is a good, finite problem that can be solved with more human eyes.

People | Wikipedia | Collection of Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

We are currently inviting people (you, for instance) to parse the list of non-matches and then tell us which ones should link to existing but differently-spelled Wikipedia pages, and which ones need to be created as new stubs in Wikipedia itself.

If you’re feeling really bold you could even start those stubs yourself! You can even use our easy-to-insert Wikipedia citation snippet to reference anything in our collection from your newly created articles. You’ll find the snippet tool at the bottom of each object and person/company record.

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